Pauline R. van der Willik (1966) studied at the Art Academy Constantijn Huygens, Kampen (The Netherlands). Her classical training comes from Eli Content (painting), Kees Buurman and Ko Oosterkerk (graphics), Hans Dingjan (still life) and Jan Zwaan (model).
To earn an independent living she became a teacher (1st degree Art History and certificate in Cultural Artistic Development) as well as serving her practise as an Art Psychotherapist. She continues to give workshops and lessons in Studio Van Der Willik in Assen, specializing in her favourite subject: the model.

In choosing her technique, in her approach an style the artist is inspired by her perception of the subject itself. Her compassion with vulnerability of man or e.g. her musicality determines the imagination of the subject. This openness of mind as well as the versatility of the artist, make it evident that her style is not to be caught within one category – the artworks differ from realistic, (non-)figurative to lyrical abstract.
In this way, the series of paintings “Piano Sudies in Acrylic” demonstrates her musical talent, while a series of monoprints show us an inner power to raise her voice against injustice, both at present and in the past. She is particularly fascinated by portraying the personality and radiance of her model, thus focussing on “beauty” in a deeper way.
Since 1998 Pauline R. van der Willik expands her imagery with sculpting, and later on leaded glass as well, by which she employs a new spatial dimension. Her ability to express her personal experience of a subject in a striking manner, lends to her work a quiet eloquence in all its diversity, leaving space for the audience, to interpret for themselves.

Apart from being and artist and an art psychotherapist Pauline currently focusses on giving STAGE SKILLS TRAININGS to both musicians as wel as to anyone who struggles with acting in public. She developed the PRACTOC® methodPersonal Representation of your Authentic Centre Through Open Communication. In this easy to experience change curriculum she helps people finding to grow on their inner roots in a way it strengthens them to find certainty in this awareness of the strong ‘best of themselves’.